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Come and visit our store front location in Inglewood @ 1335 9th Ave SE.

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    About Twitchin Threadz & Company!

    Twitchin Threadz and Company offers unique clothing styles ranging from
    Bamboo basics to Hippy Bohemian looks.

    Twitchin Threadz supports Canadian Designers as well as Relief
    Organizations who design their lines, live in Canada and travel the
    world to source beautiful fabrics in new and up cycled textiles. These
    Designers support local artisans in small remote areas in India,
    Indonesia, Nepal and so many more.

    Owner/Operator Sandy Shaw grew up in Toronto and moved to Calgary at the
    age of 20 after attending Seneca College. After moving to Calgary Sandy
    started her Fashion Career with Grafton Fraser (The Loft and Sideffects)
    and then later with Le Chateau stores in the mid 80s to mid 90s.
    In the mid 90s Sandy worked with General Motors selling Pontiacs,
    Buicks, GMCs and Saturns for 20 years but always remembering her Fashion
    roots and her dream of opening her own shop.

    In 1998-2016 she continued selling vehicles and also worked with CAFS
    fostering numerous Children most of whom are adults today and continue
    the relationship established while living with her.

    In February 2015 Twitchin Threadz was established at The Market On
    Macleod. With the support of the community and the many clients from
    past careers, Designers, Humanitarian Relief Organizations as well as a
    small staff Twitchin Threadz has become a very successful shop boasting
    word of mouth and Customer Service as the reason for its  success.

    Let’s get in touch!

    Come and visit us at our inglewood location!

    1335 9th Ave SE, Calgary AB

    Shop Hours:

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