Established in February 2015 within the vibrant tapestry of The Market On Macleod, Twitchin Threadz & Company emerged as more than just a retail haven—it became a thriving community of style, compassion, and connection. Our journey began with the unwavering support of an entire community, alongside a roster of esteemed clients spanning diverse industries, including Designers and Humanitarian Relief Organizations.

Through meticulous curation and the dedication of our small yet devoted team, we have transformed Twitchin Threadz into a triumph fueled by the resounding echoes of word-of-mouth praise and an unparalleled commitment to Customer Service.


Meet the Visionary: Sandy Shaw

The driving force behind Twitchin Threadz & Company is none other than  Sandy Shaw. Rooted in Toronto and transplanted to the heart of Calgary at the age of 20, Sandy’s journey has been an intricate tapestry woven with diverse threads of experience. Following her education at Seneca College, she embarked on a dynamic Fashion Career, first with Grafton Fraser’s iconic brands—The Loft and Sideffects—followed by a storied tenure with Le Chateau stores from the mid-80s to the mid-90s. Yet, Sandy’s path took a temporary detour, leading her to General Motors, where she expertly navigated the automotive landscape, selling Pontiacs, Buicks, GMCs, and Saturns for two decades.

However, amidst the automotive realm’s hustle and bustle, Sandy’s true passion—fashion—persistently beckoned. In 1998-2016, she continued to make her mark in the automotive industry while nurturing the aspirations that first took root during her fashion heydays. But her story doesn’t stop there; it’s woven with compassion as well. Sandy’s commitment extended to fostering numerous children through CAFS, leaving an everlasting impact on the lives of these now-adults, many of whom continue to cherish the relationships she nurtured during their formative years.

Today, Twitchin Threadz & Company stands as a testament to Sandy’s unyielding dedication, her diverse journey, and her relentless pursuit of dreams. It’s more than a retail space; it’s an embodiment of style, resilience, and the unbreakable bonds woven through years of community engagement, professional growth, and the nurturing of young hearts.

Join us as we celebrate our journey and bring fashion to life, one exquisite thread at a time.

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